Linking finova Client Portal statuses to finova CRM Stages


This guide will take you through the process of mapping finova CRM stages to the finova Client Portal Statuses

User Permission

Home > System Settings > User Permission Groups & Set Permissions > Edit (against the user group you wish to update).

The specific user permission needs to be enabled to allow users to edit the ‘Can Maintain Stages'


You need to be a user with permissions to make system changes. If you do not see the above option, please see your system super user.



Navigate to the following screen:

Home / System Settings / Stages

Choose the stage you wish to map with the finova Client Portal status.


finova Client Portal Statuses that can be linked:

  • Initial Research

  • Decision in Principle

  • Application Submitted

  • Mortgage Offered

  • Exchange

  • Completion


Use the ‘Edit’ action on the Stage you wish to link



Map the Stage

The Stage Details will allow you to make amendments to the Stage selected


Locate the Status dropdown


Select the required Status


Next click the Save Stage button, located at the bottom of your screen.



You have successfully mapped your finova Client Portal status


Repeat this exercise for all of the finova CRM Stages where a Status links


You can map the same finova Client Portal status to more than one finova CRM Stage